YOXi 1 / YOXi 2 / YOXi Mini

An antitheft cord that is useful when sample or dummy products are exhibited in the selling area. This cord is a reel type, making the selling area look better and tidier than traditional strings or chains. Its tensile force is weak and it is as long as 800 mm, so this product is best suited for samples such as glasses.

We have three types.

■YOXi 1
The wire's returning power is the strongest, so it is recommended for products that you try it while holding it in your hand.

■YOXi 2
Since the returning force of the wire is the weakest, it is recommended for a products that you wear.

■YOXi Mini
Since it is the smallest, it is recommended for products that you want to use in multiple places in a small space!
The return power is between 1 and 2.

Body: ABS / Wire: SUS+Nylon coat