Magnetic Divider

Designed to return to default position after being bumped by people or objects, making for a safer and tidier sales floor.

◆ Product-categorization unit that can be easily installed (using the magnetic portion) on the bottom sides of metal display shelves.
◆ As the root part has resiliency, it is safe even if people or things collide.
◆ Open the hole in the printed material and fasten it with plastic screw, or fix it by sticking it to the tip bar portion.
◆ Since the tip bar can be removed, it is easy to replace the printed material.
◆ Max. load: 100 g
◆ Materials: Polyoxymethylene (main unit), Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (protruding arm), ferrite (magnet)

This unit enables attachment of additional parts to the magnetic divider.

It is possible to attach other clips besides the above