Corporate Philosophy

Bring Your Heart
We deliver your passion, naturally to everyone.

When a consumer takes merchandise in store, it is the very touching point from supplier's hands to consumer's hands through it.
It is our commitment to deliver your product passion at the Point of Purchase.
Wayo is a specialty company to make our customer's heart visible to everyone.

Management Principle

“Value Creation”

We assume the role of connecting the manufacturers/service providers to consumers in the sales promotion field by using our "manufacturing technology and capability".
And our mission is to create the brand-new value by considering always new ideas which realize our customers passion.

  • 1. By offering the originality and ingenuity at the point where producers and consumers meet, create the fresh excitement.
  • 2. By utilizing resources in our group , create the new standard in sales promotion field.
  • 3. For having a pride to our own work, maintain and develop our friendly-competitive, mutual aiding organization and, finally, create the unparalleled team.

Corporate Logo


Based pn the letter “W”, it is symbolic of unity.
It is the image of strong relationship between an
employee and an employee, one division and another
division, client and us.
That is, “WA”
(means Tradition and Circle in Japanese.)


Bring Your Heart

We deliver your passion, naturally to everyone
The soft letters are adopted to show kindness and
warm-heart that the sentence above describes.