Store in the World

Welcome to the “Store in the world”!
We introduce various pictures of sales floors in the world.
We hope that it helps you to enrich your sales floors.



~Portugal Vol.4~





Impression of stores in Portugal

A custom-made fixture of the product character stands out at the sales floor (pic.1-2).

This is a canned food specialty shop. It looks like an amusement park and the decoration of interior is gorgeous (pic.3-5).




~Portugal Vol.3~





Impression of stores in Portugal

Categorizing POP display that printings can be replaced seems popular.

Since the base is a magnet, it can be installed at the desired position.

You can frequently replace notices on recommended or sale items

because you only have to hang the printings which has holes.

Hooks are also used for bulletins on leaflets. The sales floor seems more cleared up

and customer can pick up easier compared with if flyers are attached by strings.



~Portugal Vol.2~





Impression of stores in Portugal

Ceiling is high and large POP hanging from the ceiling are seen everywhere in the store.

Products belonging to different categories such as wine and detergent,

diaper and food are displayed next to each other.

We rarely see such sales floor in Japan.



~Portugal Vol.1~








Impression of stores in Portugal

A lot of clips which are our main products are used in this sales floor.

These clips are attached to various places such as a basket or the edge of a dish thanks to anti-slipped.

The angle and direction of the clips can be freely changed according to the installation location.

By using a basket and leaf decorations, a sales floor where the customers want to stop their feet was made.







Impression of stores in UK

The price cards are large and easy to see. The products are displayed to the brim.

Cross merchandising method is practiced in UK too. Merchandising strip hangers are used effectively everywhere in the store. Such a sight is often seen also in Japanese sales floor.

POPs are posted by using the best materials according to the installation location. Our company has a lot of similar products.







Impression of stores in Morocco

The ceiling is high and the aisle width is wide. Even if there are multiple ceiling displays, there is less sense of oppression because the ceiling is high. But it seems like that there are no signboards of the category of the goods often seen in Japanese sales floor.

Soccer balls and national flags of each country are displayed in the department during the World Cup period and they produce a lively sales floor. It seems that exhibit fixtures are on a flat base of wood graining. When you change the sales floor layout, you can move the fixture while it is on the base.

The large paper fixtures of the same color as the product package and the big dummy like detergent have a presence. The sales floor that makes use of the wide space was created.

There are many circular ceiling displays and price signs in every department. There is sense of unity.




~Czech and Slovakia~




Impression of stores in Czech and Slovakia

Various large and small protruding POPs are installed on the shelf.

The shape is also interesting, and the design is refined.

The brown baskets are installed in various places in the store,

and the customer unintentionally pick up the items.

The furniture marked with yellow in the fifth photo displays using pallets.

It seems that it is aiming for efficiency from arrival to display of goods.

Items which are difficult to display like sausages fit in the wire fixtures well,

that makes sales floor orderly.







Impression of stores in Austria

Because the aisle width is wide and the ceiling is high, the outlook is good.

The usage of the spacious space is rare in Japan.

In many case, it place importance on increasing the number of product display

in Japanese sales floor.

The goods are displayed making good use of the original boxes such as the sales floors of the snacks and wine.

Cross merchandising method is practiced in various countries. Austria is no exception.

Large POP hanging from the ceiling are seen everywhere in the store.



~Taiwan Vol.3~



Impression of stores in Taiwan Vol.3

Recipe for “How to put delicious tea” is set up at the tea department (Pic.1).

The card holder is attached to the partition POP, so the appearance is also very good.

Recipes are displayed at various sales floors in the store (Pic.2).

We often see recipes in supermarket in Japan (Pic. 3).

In the detergent department, the loupe is installed so that the customer can read

the fine letters (Pic.4).

On the whole, it is a sales floor where you can feel detailed consideration to consumers.




~Taiwan Vol.2~



Impression of stores in Taiwan Vol.2

Taiwanese drugstore's sales in 2016 recorded a record high, and the sales floor is also flourishing.

In addition, Japanese drugstores are expanding into Taiwan one after another,

and many Japanese cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are sold.

Sales promotion tools of Taiwan are very similar to those of Japan. For example, the fragrance of samples of shampoo in bottles are also seen in Japan (Pic. 1, 2&3).

Many items are also displayed outside the store (Pic. 4). A similar scene is seen in Japan (Pic. 5).




~Taiwan Vol.1~



Impression of stores in Taiwan Vol.1

There are many similarities of the sales floor between Taiwan and Japan.

Please compare pictures of sales floor in Taiwan and in Japan.

We can find the eye-catching sales floor even from a distance, for example, the inflatable air POP of kiwi and banana are suspended from the ceiling (Pic. 1), and we feel a sense of the season by the decoration of cherry blossoms symbolizing spring (Pic. 1&2).

There is a very similar sales floor used cherry blossoms display in Japan (Pic. 3).

Space is utilized effectively by displaying the items on the thin fixture (Pic. 4&5).

Thin fixture is often used in Japan because the sales floor in Japan is narrow.(Pic. 6).


~Hawaii Vol.2~

Impression of stores in Hawaii Vol.2

Related products such as salad and dressing,

or sandwich and snacks are sold together by making good use of the basket.

Such a cross merchandising method is actively carried out also in Hawaii (pic. 1&2).

Items with colorful packages are displayed easy to see.

That push people's willingness to buy (pic. 3&4).

It makes easy to stop the passers-by by extensive use of

protruding POP. Regarding shelves, these are non-spillproof type,

so the price card is stuck directly to the shelf (pic. 3).




~Hawaii Vol.1~


Impression of stores in Hawaii Vol.1

The ceiling of the store is higher than that of Japan.

They use this space effectively to decorate inside of the store .

These sales floors are decorated for Valentine's Day.

The inside of the store is gorgeous by using balloons, tulips and an ornament of a tree (pic. 1&2).

In recent years, Bento (Japanese box lunch) has become popular globally and sold also in Hawaii.

That is because we can consume nutrition balancedly with multiple foodstuff,

and can enjoy visually with colorful food (pic. 3).

Next to the drink department, coffee beans are lined up in a slim fixture, and the space is effectively utilized.

Those in the red package are placed so that the front can be seen from two directions (pic. 4).




~USA Vol.2~

Impression of stores in USA Vol.2

 A rack with suction cups is installed in reach-in freezer with glass door.

When the customers buy water, they may buy flavor drops as well.

The doughnuts made in the factory and those maybe made in the store are sold on the same shelf.

It is the sight rarely seen in Japan recently.

The floor stands made of paper are high demanded also in Japan.

Our company sell these kinds of products.



~USA Vol.1~

Impression of stores in USA
We feel a gorgeous atmosphere both outside and inside of the store. The doughnuts POP made of soft vinyl attracts passersby attentions. It is interesting that the Christmas ornaments themselves play a role of the decoration in the store.
The display of the bottles is devised.
The wooden fixture that matches the product image gets a lot of attentions in the store. About the picture on the bottom right, in addition that the products themselves are colorful, we feel a lively atmosphere with the effect of LEDs and accessories at the top of the shelf.





Impression of stores in Netherlands
The sales floors of the cheese and the wine look attractive by the display that matches the image of the products.

Recipe cards are placed next to the sales floor of the meat. The customer read the recipe,

and they can buy the foods that they don't have at home in a supermarket.

You can find the sign that announces a product campaign for children on the floor.

It is easy to find even for children whose line of sight is lower.



Impression of stores in Denmark
It looks classy thanks to shelves unified in black.
It seems simple sales floors with only product name and price, few kinds of POP.
On the other hand, vegetables and fruits are put in a basket. It creates an atmosphere like a market.


Impression of stores in Bali
Displays stacked with the goods stand out.
A lot of colorful POPs are hanged from the ceiling.
You can easily find the “Price down” signs even from a distance.