Store in Japan

Welcome to the “Store in Japan”!
We introduce various pictures of sales floors in Japan.
We hope that you get new ideas

from the unique Japanese sales floors.



~ Drugstore~



These are sales floors of cosmetic and shampoo in drugstore (pic.1).

These sales floors are gorgeous and stand out from a distance by being used artificial flowers

which match the image of the items.

Various large and small POPs are installed and there are a lot of information overall.

This is a sales floor that items for warming the body are collected (pic.2).

There are sheets that can warm eyes and neck, bath salts that effects to warm the body,

tights used exothermic material, and so on (pic.3).

Displaying the items in one place under the same theme urges customer to buy the related items.





This is a sales floor of shampoo, detergent and softener et etc in Drugstore.

You can try the scent of the goods thanks to fragrance sample

which reproduce the scent of the goods before buying.

It is a sight commonly seen in Japanese drug store.

Recently fragrance samples are evolved, for example, there are samples

that scent is come out by pushing the box, or samples (of the detergent) which wears clothes.






The sales floor where is installed LEDs has been increased mainly in drugstores.

Not only the sales floor of cosmetics, but also each shelf facing the aisle is attached

the light in order to appeal the product.

Moreover, LED is installed at the bottom row and customer receive gorgeously impression

in the store by lighting the pattern of the floor.





~Book Store~



This is a sales floor of comics in the bookstore.
Japanese comics are very popular in overseas and are translated in many countries.
It advertises a comic which has been determined to be broadcast as an animated TV show.
It makes lively atmosphere by decorating with panels and flags. 
This may change the image that the sales floor in the bookstore is simple.





This is the sales floor of snacks.

Decorations made of paper or soft vinyl which are printed same design

as a real package of the goods are hanged from ceiling.

It looks like that they are floating in the air.

These displays are eye-catching and play a role to attract customers to this floor.


This is a signage in front of an Izakaya, a Japanese style bar.
This inside light type signage inspiring “Sashimi”, sliced raw fish, attracts attention of the peoples on the street.



We introduce the sales floor of the bottled green tea. Green tea is very popular Japanese drink.
This sales floor is specially made because this green tea is a seasonal limited item.

This product was co-developed with a long-established store of green tea.
Customers can feel Japanese atmosphere at this sales floor by using decoration such as a Japanese umbrella and a Japanese paper lantern to match the image of the product.

You can easily find from a distance thanks to ceiling decorations and both side flags.
When you approach there, you can get information of the product from the monitor installed in the center.