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This corner introduces our products “Made In Japan” and we especially have confidence of the quality!

Tilt Series

Merchandise appears to be flying the air.
Flexible functions matched to the consumers’ eye level.
Easily assembled.
Light weight / Compact / High Quality

Tilt variation

• Parts introduction
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Original Order

Table F 50×100mm
Arm SSL 7φ×7φ×100mm
Base E 70×70mm
PC Elastomer

Table A 70φ
Arm BSS 9φ×7φ×50mm
Base B 100φ
PC Elastomer

Table E 70×70mm
Arm BSL 9φ×7φ×100mm
Base C 100×100mm
PC Elastomer

Table B 100φ
Arm BBL 9φ×9φ×100mm
Base B 100φ
PC Elastomer

Motion Series

The ratchet gear ensures extremely simple angle adjustment. Display can be installed from high to low places.
●Material : PMMA
<Its simple structure puts top priority on stability> Easy assembled and stable structure.

Stand stem:DecagonxH50
Stand base:W30xD72x2

Stand stem:DecagonxH50
Stand base:W80xD83x2t

Stand stem:DecagonxH100
Stand base:W56xD141x2t

Stand stem:QuindecagonxH100
Stand base:W64xD100x2t

Stand stem:DecagonxH100
Stand base:W80xD110x2t

Stand stem:QuindecagonxH150
Stand base:W97xD152x3t

Hyper POP Series

●Load limit : 700g
●Material : PS + PC + POM

●Load limit : 630g
●Material : PS + PC + POM

●Load limit : 490g
●Material : PS + PC + POM

●Load limit : 560g
●Material : PS + PC + POM